June 06, 2018

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Announces Five-Year Alliance with BU to Accelerate Vision of World Without Lung Cancer
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June 06, 2018

BU and Johnson & Johnson Innovation Team Up to Fight Lung Cancer
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addAbout DECAMP-1 PLUS

The goal of DECAMP-1 PLUS is to develop and validate molecular biomarkers that can serve as tools for the early detection of lung cancer. Simple blood and other biomarker tests may one day be used to predict, diagnose, or rule out lung cancer.

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Biomarkers Explained

A biomarker is a biological characteristic that can be measured as an indicator of a normal or abnormal process in the body. Biomarkers are found in blood and other body specimens.

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Below are resources that may be helpful for DECAMP-1 PLUS patients, family, and friends:

Clinical Trials Information
Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research

Resources to Help Quit Smoking
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Quit Smoking Information – Tobacco Information

Radiology/Imaging Information
American College of Radiology


The earlier lung cancer is detected the more likely it can be cured.