DECAMP Study 2: Group A


Purpose of the Group A Study

Doctors want to learn if the differences between the biomarkers of early-stage lung cancer and the biomarkers of benign lung nodules can help identify which patients would most benefit from lung cancer screening. Participants in this study will have been diagnosed with either early-stage lung cancer (stage I) or benign lung nodules and are scheduled for surgery to remove the cancer or lung nodules. This is often called “surgical resection” or “lung resection.”

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Who can join DECAMP Study 2 Group A?
What are participants being asked to do?
How long will participants be in the study?

Who can join Group A of this study?
People eligible to participate in Group A are:

  • 50 to 79 years old
  • A current or former smoker with a history of ≥30 pack years (pack years = number of packs smoked per day x number of years smoked)
  • Undergoing lung surgery
  • Willing to undergo fiber optic bronchoscopy
  • Able to tolerate the biospecimen collections required for the study
You cannot participate in this study if you have been previously diagnosed with lung cancer (prior to your recent diagnosis).

What are study participants being asked to do?
People who take part in this study will:
  • Fill out a lung questionnaire
  • Provide different types of biological samples (called “biospecimens”), including sputum, blood, urine, cells, and tissue. All biospecimens will be stored for future research
  • Provide cells from your nose and mouth by brushings from your nose and scrapings from your mouth
  • Have a bronchoscopy--A bronchoscopy is a test to view the lungs using a flexible device (called a “bronchoscope”). During this procedure, brushings of cells and biopsy samples will be collected
  • Do a pulmonary function test--A pulmonary function test measures your ability to breathe when you blow into a special device
  • Have the surgery that your treating doctor has already prescribed for you. The bronchoscopy may be done immediately before your surgery
How long will participants be in the study?
Study participants are in the study until their lung surgery has occurred.