Why is this study being conducted?

Doctors want to determine the best way to monitor people who are at high risk for developing lung cancer. This monitoring is often called “lung cancer surveillance.” The study’s goal is to identify biomarkers that can be collected easily from patients to obtain information about their risk for developing lung cancer.

What are biomarkers?

The term “biomarkers” is most often used to describe substances found in blood, other body fluids, or tissue that can be measured through a specialized test. The levels of these substances may help doctors learn if, or how quickly, a cancer is developing. Biomarkers that identify the early signs or presence of cancer could improve lung cancer surveillance, as well as the detection and treatment of early-stage cancer.

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DECAMP is investigating different types of molecular biomarkers using specialized instrumentation.

The investigators are exploring how combining different biomarkers might lead to a single method for for early lung cancer detection.